OTC Brand management

Our award-winning team offers full brand management for over the counter (OTC) pharmaceutical, vitamin and food supplements, cosmetics, or personal care brands.

Our OTC brand management service builds upon an agreed strategy, creating a brand plan focusing on ensuring the product is fit for purpose, priced to safeguard margin and profit expectations, and promoted to ensure consumers see it as value for money. Meanwhile online we can build your brand E-commerce websites – even for P medicines – and provide the back-office support to sell and distribute your healthcare and medicinal brands in line with MHRA regulations.

As your commercial managers we will make products accessible to customers via wholesalers and distributors. We will work with buyers to gain listings through excellent category management so that customers can buy in-store or via the retailer’s dedicated online sites.

Product management

Product and lifecycle management; developing, switching, and launching new products into the market is the lifeblood of the healthcare sector. Over the years we have brand managed numerous new OTC, medical devices, cosmetic products, and food supplements, along the path from concept, POM to P switch and launch. You will find our team well practised and deeply knowledgeable. Our product knowledge is extensive in all areas including formulations, storage, manufacturing, and of course environmental and sustainability packaging.

Pricing management

Pricing strategies are a top priority for us. We are very commercially focused especially when it comes to profit and the bottom line. Our price modelling details margins and prices at RRP, wholesale and trade to ensure you have complete visiblity on our pricing recommendations for the UK markets. 

Purchase journey

Healthcare brands today need to be available to buy online and in store and should be supported by an omnichannel communication program that drives awareness to create purchase. Your brand will benefit from our bespoke E-commerce and Amazon selling model as well as our contacts in key healthcare retailers needed to list your products in stores and online.

Project planning

Project planning

As any brand manager will tell you, a key part of the role is to be a great project planner. We need to share the vision of the strategy and brand plans with the extended cross-functional team, enabling collaboration to drive the project forwards. Years of experience in managing projects has taught us that our success comes from our ability to quickly develop relationships with key team members, build trust and focus on a common direction.


We will work with you to tailor a consumer communication program unique to your brand’s needs that will meet the UK regulatory guidelines, to reach your target audience and drive them to purchase.  This plan will also be supported by a bespoke B2B communications and training program, targeting  trade and healthcare professionals with the education and information they need to be ready to stock and recommend your brand and carry out in-store activities that will give your brand visibility to drive sales.

Category management

We do love data! It gives us the power to influence decision-makers with facts and figures that reveal the truth. Being able to show the high street and supermarket buyers that your product deserves space on their shelves through market data analysis is our favourite way to show you the importance of the service that we offer.

Budget tracking and control

Our financial control processes also extend to how we look after the advertising and investment budget. We are meticulous in our approach. Activities are carefully costed with budgets strictly controlled and monitored as we understand the difficulties that fluctuations in the marketing spend vs plans and forecasts can cause and their potential impact on the P&L and profitabiilty.

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