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As a multi-disciplined specialised service provider, we can take care of all aspects of business support from regulatory compliance, manufacturing, logistics, bookkeeping and storage.

We offer even more than just excellent brand and commercial management. We can also help you with all your other business support services. We have strong connections with licensed and non-licensed manufacturing sites, regulatory and medical affairs managers, distribution, warehousing, and logistics providers as well as bookkeeping & VAT support. In short everything you need to run a business in the UK.



Having worked in the industry for many decades we are well connected with manufacturers for medicines, food supplements and cosmetic products. With our regulatory support team, we can manage any aspect of production of your product here in the UK. We will ensure the correct release procedures are in place and that the final products are manufactured to the exacting standards to the licence or PIF files.

Regulatory medical

Regulatory & Medical

We work with many regulatory affairs and medical specialists and can help you access the right advice and support to launch, switch or manage your medicines, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics here in the UK. We have excellent relationships with key trade regulatory and representation bodies including the Proprietary Association of Great Britain (PAGB), Cosmetics Toiletry Perfumery Association (CTPA) and Health & Beauty Association (H&BA) which ensure that we are always up to date on the most recent legislation and regulations.



This service is provided by independent pharmacovigilance agencies. If you wish to sell a licensed product, or medical device in the UK it is a requirement of that license that you have a monitoring service in place with an independent pharmacovigilance agency to ensure that any drug reactions, or adverse events can easily and quickly be reported to the MHRA. We can facilitate onboarding these agencies and help you set up the contracts you will need for them to deliver this imperative service.

Sales & Account management

Sales & Account Management

Some of our clients come to us with field sales, key account, and national account management teams already in place. Others need us to set this service up for them and manage its delivery on a day-by-day basis.  We have an excellent track record of delivering business objectives by joining the marketing planning up to the sales delivery, gaining distribution for our client’s brands throughout the supply chain with wholesalers, distributors, retailers and ensuring the in-store activation plan is implemented in a timely and investment effective way.

Logistics warehousing

Logistics & Warehousing

We have access to MHRA licenced medical warehousing as well as storage facilities for food supplements and cosmetics with excellent access to the UK’s major routes to ensure your products are easily supplied to wholesalers and retailers. Our warehouse management team can co-pack, repack, and over-label your goods as well as provide all the logistics for each delivery to customers.

Bookkeeping & VAT

Bookkeeping & VAT

If you are selling products in the UK, it is likely that VAT is being accumulated somewhere in the payment chain. Bookkeeping and VAT management are services we can help manage for your business in the UK to ensure all financial commitments and requirements are met, enabling you to do business in the UK with confidence.

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